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Our Servies


Kingland (Sino) 's professional services can be divided into 7 main categories:

1. Silent demolition for alteration & addition work (Shopping Centre, Footbridge, Canopy)

2. Coring and Drilling in Concrete, Rock, Asphalt (from Ø12mm to Ø1000mm)

3. Diamond Blade Saw & Diamond Wire Cutting
(include: Reinforced Concrete Structure, Pavement, Large Diameter Concrete Pipes)

4. Floor Grinding Treatment
(Smooth, Rugged and Lower the Concrete Surface to certain level)

5.Installation of anchor bolt/rock bolt

6. Bursting and Crushing Rock for tunnelling

7. Sole Agent & Rental Centre for Concrete Coring, Saw Cutting and Surface Treatment Machines.

 We commit to provide environmental friendly, high efficiency and safe professional services to our clients and continue to shape a better society environment and contribute to sustainable development.



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