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2006 ~ 2008  Hong Kong

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Atrium Link Demolition


In order to increase the exhibition space, HKCEC plan to reconstruct the link between Phase1 , Phase2 and the present link would be demolished, saw cutting method was adapted as it will not cause any disturbance to the present activities in HKCEC.


The demolition process can be separated into 2 stage:


Stage 1 -  Remove 25,000 m3 Premise

                 Steel Frame


Before Demolition (Stage1) :

Stage 2 - Remove 200,000 m3 Premise

                Steel Frame hanging structure

                across 100m wide water channel


Before Demolition (Stage2) :


stage1 stage1 stage1


                           Stage2  stage2 stage2 stage2 stage2

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